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Who We Are is a non registered non profit organiztion

devoted to promoting health awareness.


Our Mission


Our mission is to increase awareness and educate consumers of the health risks caused by electromagnetic field exposure from prolong cell phone and Bluetooth usage.


Our Goal: Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Timely

S: Communities will develop an increase awareness of the potential health risks associated with cell phone and Bluetooth usage.

M: Informant interviews will be conducted in the community addressing specific cell phone use; revisited at a later date to assess whether behaviours have been altered in regards to cell phone / Bluetooth use.

A: Health prevention is achievable through the information provided on our web site, pamphlets and community presentations.

R: The goal is realistic as the information provided will give the consumer the knowledge to make healthier choices pertaining to EMF exposure with cell phone or Bluetooth usage.

T: The information provided in addition to the presentation will have an immediate impact stimulating awareness in the community. Consumers will be able to access our web site at their leisure for additional information. We anticipate Health Canada will support and endorse product packaging listing potential health risks associated with the product usage.