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We conducted a windshield survey where we monitored members of the public going about their daily routine in regards to cell phone use. We also conducted an informant interview where we asked members of the community about their cell phone usage and whether they were informed of health risks related to cell phone use. Below are the results to these environmental surveys.

Usage                                                               Females                   Males

Texting                                                                   12                              2                                

BlueTooth                                                                2                              2                       

Talking                                                                    11                            10

Carries In

Pocket                                                                    14                            15

Carries In Purse/Other                                                             5                              1                   

Health Concerns                                                     0                              0

Informed of

Potential Health Risks                                            0                              0

35/35 individuals surveyed were not informed of potential health risks associated with cell phone use and electromagenetic field radiation exposure when purchasing their cell phone. At the time the surveys were completed 35/35 participants had zero concerns regarding EMF exposure and cell phone use.